Competent Care Home Health Nursing Provides in Home Infusion Nursing for Patients in Costa Mesa and Throughout Orange County

Infusion nursing is a critical component of home-based nursing care. Infusion nursing specifically refers to nurses who specialize in giving fluids and medicine to patients intravenously or through injection. These in-home nurses monitor fluids, catheters, and tubing and make sure that medications are implemented properly. If you need home nursing in Costa Mesa CA or Orange County CA, you want to be sure to find a competent, well-training nurse who can assist your loved ones with the critical infusion care needed.

Infusion nursing is vital to the recovery and comfort of a patient who is recuperating at home. With infusion nursing, a skilled nurse visits the patient in his or her home and assists with various medical treatments. These treatments often include the insertion, removal, and monitoring of IV lines for medication or fluids. Infusion nurses can administer medications (including chemotherapy regimens), blood products, fluids and nutritional supplements via intravenous and other inserted lines. They can also draw blood as needed for lab testing. Infusion nurses also assess and assist with implanted devices. Infusion nurses are trained on how to identify signs of infection or other problems and, if necessary, to consult with physicians to ensure that proper care is provided. Infusion nurses also assist with catheter insertion and removal, ensuring that those lines remain maintained and flowing properly to reduce the risk of infection.

Infusion nurses also assist with removing and placing new dressings on wounds and flushing central lines.  Wound care is particularly important in recovery. Infusion nurses can assess the presence of bedsores and prevent and alleviate discomfort from the wounds; help in healing abscesses and ulcers; care and clean feeding tube sites; prevent further complications, and assist with pain management and patient comfort.

As the number of in-home medical patients increases, demand has grown in recent years for infusion nurses. Infusion nurses may serve short- or long-term assignments based on patient and family needs and recovery progression.

With the additional training infusion nurses receive, they can serve double duty, performing the important nursing skills required for in-home care, as well as completing the necessary tasks surrounding IV, catheter and device management often done by an IV team in a hospital setting.

Perhaps most critically, infusion nurses get to know and understand their patients, can watch for the development of side effects from or adverse reactions to prescribed treatments and collaborate with other members of the patients’ medical team to ensure that recovery proceeds smoothly.

At Competent Care Home Health in Costa Mesa CA, infusion nursing is one of many home nursing services we provide. With Competent Care Home Health, you will have peace of mind that your loved one is in the hands of well-trained, caring and attentive professionals.

Our private duty services include placement of registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and physical therapists, depending on the services needed. Our RNs provide patient assessment, patient evaluation, long- and short-term skilled nursing care, post-operative surgical care, private nursing in acute hospital settings, palliative care and respite care. Our nurses work with those facing spinal cord injuries, developmental disabilities traumatic brain injuries, catastrophic injuries and terminal diagnoses.

Each of our nursing professionals undergoes an extensive background check, including criminal history. Competent Care Home Health has been providing in-home nursing and assistance to Orange County residents and their families since 1988.