Competent Care Home Health Helps Patients and Medical Teams Communicate about Home Nurse Care

Home nurse care in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa is most effective when nurses work with the medical team, patient and family to ensure smooth and clear communication. When you need home health nursing Orange County residents can rely on Competent Care Home Health to make sure that the lines of communication are open in all directions.

When recuperating at home after surgery, an illness, hospitalization or transition from a nursing home or rehabilitation hospital, it’s important that patients have a clear understanding of the treatment plan, medication needs, follow-up, signs of complications and other medical issues that can arise.

Having someone who is closely monitoring the patient and can translate complicated medical verbiage, while providing care and observing a patient is where home health care makes all the difference. At Competent Care Home Health, we work closely with physicians, surgeons, pharmacists and other care providers to make sure you or your loved one has the right information and is cared for properly.

Our in home nurses emphasize communication at each step along the way. Communication should be nearly constant, especially if there are complications, questions or concerns. Our in home nurses can help get answers and interpret those answers while caring for our patients.

The importance of communication is never more acute than upon discharge. Patients, family members and in home nurses need to be clear on follow-up instructions and make sure questions are answered before a patient leaves a medical facility. Misunderstandings can often arise and having a trained medical professional lets you keep your loved one on the path to healing.

At Competent Care Home Health, we make sure our in home nurses follow these best practices:

  • Be A Good, Active Listener – We want to ensure we understand your questions, observations and concerns.
  • Avoid Interrupting – We understand that interruptions can lead to frustration, even anger, and we make sure our nurses respect our family partners.
  • Be Sensitive – Our nurses want to create a space where you can be comfortable asking any and all questions. Don’t worry if you feel you’re asking too many questions. We will answer them to the best of our abilities, drawing on our experience and training.
  • Ask The Right Questions – There will certainly be times we ask yes-or-no questions, but often it’s open-ended questions that help us understand how a patient is doing and what needs to be addressed during a visit.
  • Be Honest – It’s our job to be completely truthful with you. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll tell you that too.
  • Practice Compassion – We understand that recuperation is stressful for the patient and the family members involved. We are here to listen to your concerns in addition to those of the patient.
  • Respect Difference – Our world is enriched by the differences we bring. We want to respect cultural and religious preferences and will work to understand your wishes when it comes to the patient’s identity characteristics.

At Competent Care Home Health, we have decades of experience providing in home health nursing Orange County residents deserve. For more information about home nurse care in Newport Beach or Costa Mesa, contact Competent Care Home Health today.