Competent Care Home Health’s In-Home Physical Therapy is available to help patients maintain or improve their maximum level of physical movement and agility after a patient has suffered an illness, injury or required surgery. Our certified Physical Therapists can provide service for patients in the comfort of their own home, allowing individuals to redevelop independence in the environment that they will be functioning in and around. Home Physical Therapy is also a convenient way to undergo rehabilitation with the patient’s family members around them for moral support.

Competent Care Home Health’s In-Home Physical Therapists create a personalized Physical Therapy program based on the patient’s specific injury, surgery or weakness. In addition to physical exercises, additional necessary treatment can be supplemented, including massage, strengthening and healing. Working with an In-Home Physical Therapist from Competent Care Home Health will help with healing, increase mobility, improve balance and coordination, provide strength and ensure that future injuries do not reoccur or occur as a result of the previous injury.

In addition to providing rehabilitation to patients after injury, surgery or weakness, the Physical Therapists from Competent Care Home Health can also provide therapy for individuals suffering from conditions including arthritis, joint pain, and joint replacement. They can also work with patients suffering from nerve disorders including Parkinson’s Disease, patients recovering from head injuries, stroke, heart attack or any other debilitating illness.

After making an assessment, the Physical Therapist will design a program to help patients get back their mobility and ability to be able to carry out their daily functions with better efficiency.

Our In-Home Physical Therapists can also teach elderly patients how to avoid falls and how to recover if they do fall. Falls are one of the biggest factors for injuries and hospital admissions which could also lead to immobility. As people age they begin to develop balance disorders. A home Physical Therapist can work out a systematic approach so that the seniors can be safe especially if they are living independently. This prolongs the timeframe that your loved one can remain in the comforts of their own home.

The at-home visits with a Physical Therapist from Competent Care Home Health, can provide advice on a number of issues so the patient can recover in a shorter amount of time and function with an increased strength. Whether the patient is suffering from a disease, injury or simply wants to prevent loss of mobility, the therapist can provide the needed help to ensure a more active lifestyle. ‘Homework’ assignments are also provided and allow patients to develop confidence to be able to move with more agility. The Physical Therapists from Competent Care Home Health will provide a reassuring support system for patients to feel confident and avoid future physical risks.