Respite Care typically refers to a planned and temporary break for a family member who acts as a primary caregiver for a loved one living with a disability, illness or injury. Competent Home Health Nursing’s Respite Care provides temporary or short-term in-home nursing, assistance or caregiving for a disabled or elderly individual when the normal caregiver is in need of some time off. Competent Home Health Nursing is proud to provide Respite Care for families who care for a loved one who suffers from any type of disability or ailment. Competent Home Health Nursing provides Respite Care by certified well-trained and experienced in-home Registered Nurses, who take care of the loved one for a short while in the home. Our Respite Care service provides much needed support to the family caregiver by giving them the opportunity to focus on themselves and rejuvenate, so they can return to their loved one refreshed, clear-minded and ready to resume care.

In-home Respite Care by Competent Home Health Nursing’s skilled home healthcare professionals can provide care for a few hours on a daily basis or overnight. These professionals help address the medical needs of the patient. They help manage medications, assist with mobility and activities of daily living, help to keep the patient safe in the absence of the primary caregiver, observe and monitor the patient, and communicate any distress to the caregivers or physicians. The Respite Care Nurses from Competent Home Health Nursing monitor vital signs and other conditions to make sure that the wellbeing and health of the patient is being maintained.

The Respite Care Nurses from Competent Home Health Nursing can give peace of mind to family members who may be going on a trip, have become indisposed themselves temporarily or simply need a break from the stress of taking care of another person on a daily basis. With a Competent Home Health Nursing Respite Nurse looking after a loved one, family members can rest assured that the patient is looked after at home by caring, well-equipped professionals that they can trust.

Competent Care Home Health’s Wound Nurses are trained and experienced in Wound Care for a variety of different wounds, ranging from surgical wounds and diabetic ulcers to arterial ulcers and pressure ulcers, among many others. In particular, Competent Care Home Health’s Wound Nurses are trained and knowledgeable about diabetes and the Wound Care and other components associated with this particular disease.