Competent Home Health Nursing’s Patient Assessment is an opportunity in which our Registered Nurses develop an understanding of both our patient’s medical and personal preferences.

Our Patient Assessment is an in-depth evaluation conducted by a registered nurse that evaluates a patient’s current physical, mental and emotional state. This comprehensive assessment enables your Competent Home Health Nursing team to gain a precise understanding of your loved one’s intricate personal needs and enables them to provide the most extensive consideration and care for patients. Under the supervision of the patient’s physician, Competent Home Health Nursing will gather as much information as possible to get a full understanding all of your loved one’s individual needs, challenges, and expectations. With a comprehensive understanding of the long-term and short-term goals established by the patient’s physician, nurses can prioritize care, act and respond appropriately to any challenges or situations that may arise, continually improve upon care, and meet the needs and expectations of loved ones and their families.

Physical examinations are conducted to assess the overall health of the patient and give nurses a baseline for them to track health, the progression of an illness or ailment and have a good understanding of the patient’s needs. A comprehensive assessment also helps to identify allergies to certain medications and foods, helps establish a plan for pain and comfort management, establishes thresholds for pain tolerance, and develops an overall understanding of important issues for patients. With an in-depth knowledge of their patients, nurses can have a better understanding of their patient’s challenges, manage medicine, and become familiar with the mindset of the patient.

As well as physical health condition, Patient Assessment helps determine cognitive function, concentration levels, and evaluates patient’s emotional health. Patient Assessment also gathers crucial information for nurses to be prepared for and develop action plans should the patient be faced with a medical emergency.

Quality patient care and satisfaction is what the Competent Care Home Health Nursing program is all about. We are committed to working with you to meet and exceed your expectations.