Competent Care Home Health prides itself on two main focuses; providing the BEST care for the patients we are assisting AND instilling a sense of trust, safety and security in our patient’s families so that they feel confident in entrusting their loved ones to our care.

The first step to determining the necessary in-home nursing care for your loved one is for Competent Care Home Health to conduct a Patient and Family Evaluation. A member of the Competent Care Home Health team will come to your home for a free initial consultation. Our goal during this time, is to sit down with your family, get to know everyone involved, and discuss your personal home nursing care needs and expectations so that we can provide the entire family with the BEST personal care plan.

Competent Care Home Health’s at home nursing services include providing the care and support that allows patients to maintain an independent, at-home lifestyle for as long as possible. During our in-home Evaluation, our care specialist will discuss with the family what services are currently needed and what other services might be necessary in the future. The Patient and Family Evaluation can determine how often in-home care will be necessary, what duties will be provided and how Competent Care Home Health will meet your personal family’s home care needs.

During the Patient and Family Evaluation, families can expect to discuss medical records, medications, medical needs, doctor appointments, personal daily schedules and routines, likes and interests, personal capabilities, limitations and restrictions, diet preferences and aversions, allergies of any kind, housekeeping expectations, lifestyle assistance needs; personal preferences, challenges, expectations, thoughts or any other vital information. We will answer any questions and address any concerns you might have about your loved one’s needs and our home-care services.

After determining and agreeing upon the BEST possible plan for your individual family’s in-home assistance needs, Competent Care Home Health will immediately get started in assisting your loved one in their every day life. With the support of Competent Care Home Health’s in-home nursing services, both the patient and their family will be given the ability to live the happiest and most fulfilling life possible.