Caring for a child or family member who is Ventilator-Dependent can be complicated and time consuming and can be best managed by an experienced in-home health care professional. Competent Care Home Health’s qualified nurses are experienced professionals proficient in providing in-home nursing care for Ventilator-Dependent patients and are trained extensively in the latest in medical technology designed to benefit these types of patients. Our in-home nurses work with patients to gain more comfort with their Ventilator and also work with family members of patients to help them better assist their loved one.

Being Dependent on a Ventilator can significantly affect a person’s confidence and optimism, as it can affect the ability to eat, speak, and move. Each patient who needs a Ventilator has different respiratory needs. While some can get weaned off of the Ventilator, others may need lifelong support. Whatever the case may be, Competent Care Home Health’s In-Home Nurses work to ensure that each individual patient receives the encouragement and strength to manage being on a Ventilator.

Children who are Ventilator-Dependent need additional care in a home health setting. The nurse from Competent Care Home Health can accompany a child outdoors or to school if need be, if the child needs to be on a Ventilator most of the time. Having an in-home nurse from Competent Care Home Health for a child who is Ventilator-Dependent can guarantee that the child’s quality of life is improved and allows the family to focus more on the child’s emotional needs, while having the confidence that their medical needs are being met.

In-Home nurses from Competent Care Home Health specialize in Ventilator Management and care, and are trained in the care of airway and tracheostomy. They also provide maintenance and care of a tracheotomy, Ventilator support that is mechanical, oxygen therapy, weaning and management of the Ventilator and pulmonary rehabilitation.