Competent Care Home Health understands the intricate details required to care for someone who has incurred either a partial or complete Spinal Cord Injury and have an extensive knowledge of the long term physical therapy, medical requirements, daily functions, and challenges that arise when caring for someone with a Spinal Cord Injury. The trained nursing staff at Competent Care Home Health is prepared to assist Spinal Cord Injured patients with a broad range of services as well as provide appropriate emotional and psychological encouragement for these particular patients.

More than 90% of patients with Spinal Cord Injury’s require in-home nursing care. Home care of patients could require wound care, bowel and bladder management, physical therapy, bathing help, assistance with everyday tasks, driving to doctors appointments and much more. A Competent Care Home Health Registered Nurse will be able to manage the detailed attention required to effectively care for a Spinal Cord Injury patient and is prepared to manage the physical aspects as well as the mental and emotional frustrations that the patient is likely to feel. Competent Care Home Health will provide a qualified nurse who has been trained to compassionately meet the specific needs of a Spinal Cord Injury patient and will assist in making their every day life more comfortable and enjoyable.

The nurses at Competent Care Home Health are professionally trained so that they can provide assistance in helping Spinal Cord Injury patients cope with the changes they will face when transitioning from being able to live an independent life to needing daily assistance. Patients often feel discouraged and depressed when they come to grips with the huge challenge of living with a Spinal Cord Injury. The nurses at Competent Care Home Health are trained to understand these challenges and can address them carefully and competently.