When a loved one is in a hospital, families expect that the patient will receive the best possible care, but with numerous patients, hospital nursing staff aren’t able to give full-time attention to one individual patient. Many families have found value in hiring a Private Duty Nurse in order to receive uninterrupted, individual care in an Acute Hospital. Competent Care Home Health can provide RN’s and LVN’s to assist in providing extra care for a patient during a hospital stay. The Private Duty Nurse from Competent Care Home Health, can provide one-on-one care, giving the patient the medical support that they need, and the comfort of knowing that their medical needs are constantly being monitored and cared for. Patients will also find value in the convenience of not needing to wait for a nurse to come to their room when they need them. In addition to providing traditional nursing care and supplementing the nursing of the hospital staff, a Private Duty Nurse can advocate for the patient during their hospital stay. A Private Duty Nurse can be especially beneficial in monitoring patients with multiple diagnoses, taking multiple medications and being followed by more than one physician.