Caring for seniors or other individuals requiring assistance is not only about medical or physical support. For independent seniors, assisted individuals who still live in the comfort of their own home or individuals living in an assisted living facility, mental stimulation and human interaction may be a valuable need. While close friends and family always play an important role in nurturing assisted loved ones psychological and emotional needs, they can’t always be around. Competent Caregiving’s compassionate caregivers, can provide support and Companionship when family isn’t available. Competent Caregiving can schedule regular visits with your loved one and can cater to a variety of interests including sharing stories and conversation, playing games, taking them for walks, reading books and have discussions about the books, helping stimulate interest in the world going on around them, taking part in loved one’s favorite activities, and keeping them active and energetic in body, mind and spirit. Loved ones will look forward to their time with Competent Caregiving’s Companions and most often become great friends and even consider each other family.