The caregivers at Competent Caregiving understand how a Pet can be both therapeutic and comforting for our patients, and therefore consider the proper care of Pets a valuable part of maintaining our patient’s health and well-being. Pet’s provide patients with companionship, devotion and unconditional love. For a patient with any type of in-home care need, a Pet can be an uncomplicated and consistent form of support and source of happiness. A patient and their Pet form a deep-seeded support system often resulting in a Pet being the closest confidant to a patient. Separating a Pet and a patient could be extremely traumatic. The caregivers at Competent Caregiving support the important relationship between patients and their Pets. Just like the care we give our patients, the caregivers at Competent Caregiving take care of the Pets of our patients with love, affection and attention to detail. We know that the caregiving of our patient’s Pets help to maintain a peaceful, and healthy quality of life for both the Pet and the patient. If a patient is unable to take care of his or her own Pet at the time of needing an in-home caregiver, Competent Caregiving will make sure that the Pet is fed and walked among other necessary needs.