Proper Nutrition is important for everyone, but especially patients. The caregivers at Competent Caregiving understand the direct relationship between healthy eating and healthy patients. Healthy nutrition can improve the healing process, builds a patient’s strength, improves brain function and emotional well-being, and can contribute to an overall increase in wellness. Even the slightest alteration in a diet can help or hinder a patient’s health. Taking into consideration the recommendations provided by the patient’s physician, and the preferences of the patient, the caregivers from Competent Caregiving will follow a special diet that meets the individual health needs of that patient. The caregivers at Competent Caregiving will create a menu for upcoming meals, shop for groceries, Prepare Meals, help the patient eat, and then clean up both the Meal and the Meal Preparation.

Some patients may require certain diets, others may need help with feeding themselves. Patients may have problems with chewing or digestion or have a loss of sense of smell or taste. Patients may be too weak, too tired or in too much pain to eat. Regardless of the challenges that each patient might face around eating, the caregivers at Competent Caregiving are equipped to assist them with their Meals. Meal time also becomes an enjoyable social time when the patient and caregiver from Competent Caregiving are able to engage in conversation over food.

The caregivers at Competent Caregiving will take careful consideration of the patient’s nutritional and medical needs, and preferences throughout the nutrition and meal preparation process. Our goal is to make meal time and eating a positive experience and we are happy to meet any special requests that patients, family members or physicians might have around eating, feeding and meal time. Our caregivers can make meal plans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.