Grooming and toileting is a daily routine. For individuals who are in need of in-home assistance, this daily routine can become a burden for the patient and their loved ones. The caregivers at Competent Caregiving can be available in order to carry out these important daily tasks. Paying attention to Grooming can make a patient feel happier and more confident. Competent Caregiving can help patients with bathing, shampooing, shaving, hair brushing, oral care, nail care and more. Competent Caregivers can also take patients to a salon where the patient is comfortable receiving a treatment from their preferred beauticians.

A care recipient will also need assistance with Toileting on an ongoing basis. A caregiver from Competent Caregiving can help patients with Toileting and for patients who are bedridden, can assist with a bedpan, diapering or a commode.

If a patient does not have control of their bowel and/or bladder, the caregiver from Competent Caregiving can assist with changing and cleaning. Our caregivers are equipped to preserve the privacy of the patient and alleviate any feelings of embarrassment.