Typically, when a person is in need of in-home nursing or caregiving, then they are not capable of running their own errands or going grocery shopping. A caregiver at Competent Caregiving can Shop for Groceries, pick up prescriptions and run other errands at the patient’s preferred stores. Patients can help prepare Shopping lists, including specific items and brands that they would like the caregiver to purchase. Patients can choose to accompany the caregiver on the errands or stay home if that is deemed appropriate by a physician.

The caregivers from Competent Caregiving can go grocery shopping on a regular schedule or the schedule can change each week depending on the patients needs. Caregivers can meet with doctors, nutritionists or family member to develop grocery lists that include nutritional items that are preferred for a patient’s specific diagnosis or create grocery lists based on the patient’s preferences or aversions. Hiring a caregiver to go grocery shopping on a regular schedule will be beneficial, as the caregiver will become familiar with the brands and products that the patient prefers.